Clinic Stories

Alert Nurse Saves Man’s Life

A gentleman came in with a very red and sore toe. He thought is was “just an ingrown toenail.” When the nurse looked at it, she was concerned and called the surgeon who would be responsible for whatever treatment the gentleman might need. The nurses description concerned the surgeon enough that he came immediately to the office to see the toe.
The surgeon requested the patient be sent to a podiatrist. The podiatrist saw the patient right away.
The podiatrist sent the patient to vascular surgeon and the patient ended up having vascular surgeon and a bypass. When all the surgeries and treatments were completed the patient came to the Stehouwer Free Clinic and said, “Thank you, you guys saved my life.”

More Than Physical Care

Even when kids are grown, moms worry. Sometimes the only thing we can offer for this type of problem is a listening ear and a prayer. Mom felt cared for (because we do care) and prayers were answered, the son is well.

Two Jobs and Still No Health Care

Making ends meet is difficult on minimum wage, but when the number of hours you work varies it can be even harder. When there is no health insurance and health issues arrive the money required to put gas in the car to drive to Cadillac upsets the budget. She could never afford the cost of the doctor visit. When they said she needed lab work she explained she could not afford it, WE EXPLAINED IT WOULD BE FREE. Lab work was completed, the correct dose of medication was ordered and a smiling teary eyed patient thanked us over and over.

Recovering Alcoholic Comes to Us for Support

In his thirties he found himself addicted to alcohol. In his forties he is sober but alcohol has ruined his health. Through the free clinic we have been able to decrease his visits to the emergency room and get his medications ordered. With Northern Lakes Community Mental Health assistance he has a place to live and medications. He is a client of both our Urgent Care Clinic and our Medication Access Program. Recovery is a long road, but by partnering with the patient, Northern Lakes Community Mental Health and the Department of Human Services, will see him through.

Grieving Widow Seeks Help

Each patient that comes to the clinic has a new set of problems. Some problems are not physical but they are so horrendous they begin to effect to the health of the individual. This patient was able to receive the medication she needed, a gentle listening ear and a smile to brighten her day. Sometimes we need more than medicine.


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