Eligibility Determination

Qualified health clinic patients will meet the following eligibility requirements: 

I.   No health care insurance coverage

II.  Meet income guidelines: 

Family Size               Maximum Annual Income (200% of Federal Poverty Level)

     1                                $24,120

     2                                $32,480    

     3                                $40,840

     4                                $49,200

     5                                $57,560

     6                                $65,920

     7                                $74,280

     8                                $82,640

 III.  Reside in service area: 

Boon                           Luther

Cadillac                      Manton

Evart                          Marion

Falmouth                  McBain

Harrietta                   Merritt

Lake City                   Mesick

Leroy                          Tustin

Eligibility is renewed annually.  

To determine eligibility, please call 231-876-6150 to make an appointment.

Documents needed to prove eligibility include:

a.      Previous year tax return

b.     One (1) month of paycheck stubs

c.      Driver’s License or State Identification Card


For free prescription medication, qualified recipients will meet the following eligibility requirements:

I.      No prescription medication coverage

II.    Meet specific pharmaceutical company guidelines

III.  Reside in service area 

IV.   Have a primary care provider

To determine eligibility, please call 231-876-6151 to make an appointment.


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