It would be impossible for us to succeed without our volunteers! We have volunteers who help us in our downtown office and our weekly clinics. From doctors and nurses to receptionists, volunteers who file, provide maintenance, clerical, data entry and those who call to let our patients know their medications are in, we wouldn’t be able to serve our community without them at our side. 
If you are interested in volunteering to be part of our team,  please call us at (231) 876-6150 or stop into our office.

For 2016:

Clinic Volunteer Providers

 Kevin Anderson, MD

Rodney Bellows, OD

Chris Donzell, FNP

 Alicia Elmore, DO

Pat Gable, NP

 Helen Kiomento, MD

 Susan Lanser, MD

Tania LeBaron,MD

 David Mutch, DO

Brandon Peltier, DO

 Glenn Verbrugge, MD


Baker Nursing Students, Baker Medical Assistant Externs and other higher education students can receive valuable hands-on experience by working in our Clinic and Medication Access Programs. Call us for details at (231) 876-6150.


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